November 14 Meeting

October 10 Meeting

February 13, 2020 Meeting


         Members made a holiday decoration with greens, dried materials, pinecones, mums and a candle at the November 14th meeting. Every one different and every one beautiful!
Angela Bucciere, Wellness Consultant for Heinen’s, gave a very informative presentation on essential oils at the February meeting. She explained how oils were extracted and distilled from plant material and how essential oils differed from cooking oils. We learned why we should look for “certified” and third-party tested oils when we shopped for them, why to buy pure vs. synthetic oils and that just a few drops in a carrier oil or water were sufficient for any application. Angela explained various ways to use the oils, including in a diffuser, smoothed on skin or in a spray. Members were able to chose one of several essential oils to add to a carrier oil in a small bottle with a roll-ball top to take home.
What's growing on at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo? We learned how Lomax and her staff of 8 locate and collect "browse" (green) materials for the zoo animals to eat, how trees are selected and trimmed to simulate the animals' native habitats, how very specific breeding programs are managed (birth control for the female gorillas!), and a number of other features about the animals and habitats that an unguided tour of the zoo would never reveal. A gorgeous fall day and an excellent field trip!​​